The Most Magical Moments of 2016

Happy Holidays, team tutu! It’s been a great 2016 filled with tutu fun and running. We thought we would take a quick break from the holiday eating (and attempts to keep up our race training) to review our favorite memories from 2016.

Christine’s top 5 moments:

  • Running the Disney Princess Half Marathon dressed as Mary Poppins and getting to take this awesome picture with Ms. Practically Perfect in Every Way. 
  • These epic pickle hats Melanie and I made for the Mansfield Pickle Run.
  • That time our runDisney virtual shorts antics were featured on the runDisney Facebook page and earned us Raw Threads fan of the month!
  • Running Ohana style at the Wine and Dine 10k.
  •  Finally finishing the Tinker Bell Half Marathon! This moment sits at number one because I experienced several health setbacks in 2015 that left me unable to finish the Tink Half. I felt like 2015 had a dark curse and I wondered if I’d ever be “normal” Christine again. Thanks to the support of my family, I started feeling better and I decided that I would use the moment I crossed the finish line at Tink half as a fresh start. Crossing that finish line made me feel like I could do anything. For my fellow Once Upon a Time fans… here is the moment I “broke the curse:”

 Melanie’s top 5 moments:

  • Meeting Spiderman in Disneyland. No further comment needed. =)
  • Achieving the ultimate tutu poof when I made this live action Fairy Godmother costume for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon. It was so poofy that I even had an extra-large shadow.
  • My Agent Carter castle pic. Although finishing has always been most important to me, not my pace, I set a goal this year to feel stronger and increase my pace. I worked out really hard over the past year and a half and because of that, I was able to get to Cinderella Castle earlier than I usually do at the Princess Half. I was so surprised to see a less crowded Castle picture! This is when I realized I worked hard and achieved my goal.
  • When all three of us got to run in the same corral for the Disneyland 10K and we met Max Goof! Thanks to my hard work at Princess Half, I finally had a proof of time that let me run with my sisters. It was so magical!
  • The moment my Wine & Dine half Marathon costume was featured on the runDisney website. This moment made me so happy because I have definitely spent years perfecting my costume making and race pic posing!

Amanda’s top 5 moments:

  • Riding the brand new Frozen ride during the Wine & Dine Half Marathon after party. We waited until a little later in the evening and since the crowds were starting to disperse, we only waited 20 minutes! The ride was so magical that I started crying when I saw Elsa in her ice palace.
  • Meeting Darkwing Duck at the Wine & Dine Half Marathon. This race was a tough race for us but it was 100% worth it to get this amazing picture with some of our favorite classic Disney characters! It was like re-living our childhood days all over again.
  • When my boyfriend came to the Wine & Dine 10K and took the “dine” part very seriously. High five to the Photopass photographer who snapped this epic action shot.
  • That moment I got a Disney Premier Annual Pass. I took a leap of faith and relocated across the country this year for work. One of the best perks of my new job is that I live within driving distance of Disneyland. Nothing beats a stroll down Main Street after a long day’s work.
  • When my sisters surprised me by registering for the Disneyland 10K on 2 weeks’ notice! I had just relocated from DC to California and it made me so happy to have my sisters come to my new house and get a chance to run together in Disneyland.

There were so many fun moments this year, but the best part of the year has to be all of the friends we’ve made! We all agree that the ultimate magic award of the year goes to all our team tutu friends who ran with us and shared their inspirational tutu pics with us! Thank you for inspiring us daily! Here is a collage with a few of the tutu moments from 2016.

That’s all for this year, team tutu. Let’s raise our glasses (of Gatorade?) to a tutu-rific 2016! Cheers!