2019 runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series Details and Free Printables

2019 runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Details and free Printables

Greetings, Team Tutu! In case you haven’t noticed… long time no blog. Over the past year, we have started to enjoy the flexibility of posting our daily content on Instagram vs. in blog format. One of the main reasons we post content on Runs in Tutus is to connect with others in the community who share our passion for running, costumes, and all things magical.  We like the way Instagram lets us interact with our running friends in more of a two-way communication compared to blogging. We certainly intend to keep adding content to the blog when we have tutorials, race recaps, or free printables to share, but we are going to continue to stick to our Instagram day to day content. If you are not on Instagram, no worries, we have our Instagram content posted in our photo gallery right here on the blog.

Speaking of virtual friends and free printables, we can’t believe it is already time to talk about the runDisney Summer virtual Shorts!  We have participated in the runDisney Virtual Running Shorts series for the past 3 years and it has been the perfect summer activity.  The virtual running shorts series is a great way to stay motivated to train during the warm summer months.  We were so excited when runDisney made the announcement that races would be back again this year with a Marvel theme!  The medals look amazing and we can’t wait to run around the neighborhood dressed as some of our favorite super heroes!

 Details about the races: 

• Runners need to register in advance at www.rundisney.com 

• There are 4 opportunities to earn the Marvel themed race bling.

  1. Virtual run #1 Black Panther (June 1-June 30)
  2. Virtual run #2 Captain Marvel (July 1- July 31)
  3. Virtual run #3  Iron Man (August 1- August 31)
  4. Virtual Running Shorts Challenge:  This registration option is a commitment to run all 3 virtual 5ks within the time frames listed above. Finishers receive all the virtual 5k medals AND a special finishers medal for completing the challenge. Challenge participants also receive a “runDisney Virtual Series Keepsake”. Excited to see what the keepsake will be!

• Poof of run is not required to meet the completion requirements for the runDisney Virtual Running Shorts events. Simply go out for a 5k between the allotted dates and earn that virtual bling. The bling will be shipped directly to your mailbox.

• The Virtual Running Shorts series benefits the Starlight Children’s Foundation

Check out the awesome bling:

Our plans:

We are participating in the Virtual Running Shorts Challenge. As we have done the past 3 years, our plan is to make the virtual races as magical as possible. We are going to set up a race course in our neighborhood and dress in costumes for each of the runs. We will be sharing our virtual run experiences on Instagram and we would love to get social with the virtual races and run at the same time as some of our friends.  We ran virtually with some friends last 3 years and it was a blast! 

Having an “incredible” time during the 2018 runDisney Virtual Shorts

Here are the days we plan on completing the 2019 runDisney Virtual Running Shorts.

 If you are registered for any of the runDisney Virtual Running Shorts and would like some virtual company, grab your running shoes and join us on June 2, July 7 and/or August 4. You can share your team tutu pics Instagram by using #runsintutus. Even if you can’t join us on the same day we are running we would love to see how you completed your virtual 5k! 

And finally…For some extra magic…Here is a set of free printable stickers inspired by the Virtual Running Shorts Series.   Simply download the file, print, cut, and stick to your planner or training log using glue or an adhesive of your choice! In the past we have also posted printable mile markers for the virtual races, but runDisney saved us some time this year and added mile markers as a free “runner toolkit” available on the runDisney website. We plan to use the official mile markers posted here on the runDisney website.

Download free stickers here: 2019_virtual_stickers_runs_in_tutus

Free sticker printable preview

More free stickers


That is all for now! Can’t wait to “see” all our virtual super hero friends on the course! 

– Christine


  1. Hi Christine, would you know if this year we will have the challenge or was it postponed until next year?

  2. Hello Christine, I would also like to know if you will have the challenge for this year? I look forward to your response!

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