2017 Glass Slipper Challenge Race Recap

 Hello, friends! We’ve been back from the Princess Half festivities for almost a month now, and we are finally ready to give  a recap of all the fun of the Glass Slipper Challenge.  We usually post a recap of the 10K and the half separately, but we thought it might be fun to recap the whole experience of the Glass Slipper challenge in one extra magical post. Here is a super-sized recap of how the races went down this year:

Registration:  This was our fourth trip to the Glass Slipper Challenge, and we were really excited to head out for another magical 19.3 miles. The challenge includes the Enchanted 10k on Saturday and then the Disney Princess Half Marathon the following day.  As with the Princess 5k, we registered for the Glass Slipper Challenge via our Raw Threads Club membership. We love the ease of registering with Team Raw Threads.  For more information about the Raw Threads Club you can visit this link .

Packet pick-up/Expo: Melanie and I went to the Expo on Thursday late in the afternoon. We don’t usually go to the expo on the first day, but I had to go that day because I needed my 5k bib for the next morning.  We’ve learned from previous expo experiences that it’s not very fun to arrive at a runDisney expo when it opens. The lines tend to be long and full of non-runners who are only at the expo to buy a bunch of merchandise to re-sell on eBay.

Thankfully, we had no issues with crowds or crazy eBay merch-buying trolls when we arrived late afternoon. We were able to walk around the expo without any issues, and even had a chance to snag the coveted Tervis water bottle!  Amanda went to the expo on Friday, and also had no issues with packet pickup. We loved the race shirts this year!  We especially liked the fact that the Glass Slipper Challenge shirt paid tribute to Cinderella rather than Beauty and the Beast.

No long lines at the expo when you go in the late afternoon!


2017 Glass Slipper Challenge shirts.

The Tervis water bottle. The back says, “Live like a Beauty, Run like a BEAST!”

The 10K -Costumes: We initially wanted to all go with the Beauty and the Beast theme for our 10k costumes. We already dressed as Mrs. Potts, Belle, Cogsworth, and Fifi the feather duster at previous races, so we had to dig deep to find some characters.  I went pretty low key and dressed as the Beast. I wore my brown tutu that I made for my Ewok costume I wore for Light Side Half in January. I bought my Beast themed shirt from a company on Etsy called Kawaiian Pizza.

Melanie and Amanda were far more creative with their costumes for this race. Melanie dressed as the Enchanted Rose and made a tutu out of the petals from one of those huge silk roses sold in the floral department at Hobby Lobby. She looked so enchanting!

Amanda went off theme for this race and made one of her best costumes to date! She decided to dress as Wall-E for this race.  It. Was. Epic. Amanda hand painted her Wall-E shirt. She made some modifications to her Ewok tutu from light side half so it looked like wheels. She also made a Wall-E face and attached it to a visor. One of the cutest touches to her costume was the adorable small boot she carried around for the entire race.

From left to right: Amanda as Wall-E, Melanie as the Enchanted Rose, and Christine as the Beast.

Amanda’s amazing boot she made to carry with her Wall-E costume.


10k course and medals: We arrived at the 10K in plenty of time to enjoy the pre-race party and to meet up with some friends. We got a chance to say hello to our good friend Leslie (@ldayres), and to get a good warm-up via some sweet dance moves. We take pre-race dancing very seriously.

Pre-race fun with Leslie.

Pre-race dance warm-up. We take pre-race dancing very seriously.

We love the Enchanted 10k course.  As with the 5k course, we got to run through the World Showcase and around Spaceship Earth. The 10k also includes a lap around the Boardwalk area. We adore Boardwalk area! It’s always our favorite part! We thought the crowds were pretty manageable for this race and we appreciated that the corrals started in waves this time. It seemed to minimize the crowding at the start of the race compared to previous runDisney events.  We didn’t stop for any character stops at this race but we enjoyed waving hello to the characters as we ran by. Some of the character stops were repeats from the 5k (For example, Dopey was in the same place at the 5k and the 10k). That didn’t really bother us much, but just an FYI for those who like to run in multiple races for the purpose of meeting unique characters.  We crossed the finish line together and loved the look of the Beauty and the Beast themed medal!

Princess Half Marathon costumes:  We decided to dress off-theme for this race because we had literally already dressed as every Beauty and the Beast character. Melanie dressed as Moana because that movie is amazing, and because Moana is a fierce voyager. Melanie made her costume by sewing together 2 children’s costumes. She sewed the tube top to a tank top, and it turned out to be a very comfy costume. The best part of her costume had to be the light up necklace. It was a very fun detail!

Amanda and I decided to dress as Mulan and Mushu. For the Mulan costume, I purchased a shirt from Kawaiian Pizza to save time on trying to make the top of Mulan’s dress. I made a light pink tutu with a red overlay for the skirt. I ironed on a small Cricket so that I could have some good luck on the course. I made a flower for my hair out of foam and tied a red ribbon around my hair bun. Amanda made the best Mushu costume ever.  She has mastered the art of the visor headpiece. She made an epic Mushu headpiece out of a visor and foam.  I told her she needs to write a full blog tutorial about how she made the epic headpieces for her costumes for Princess Half Weekend. She hand painted her Mushu shirt, and made a super cute dragon tail!

From left to right: Christine as Mulan, Amanda as Mushu, and Melanie as Moana.

Melanie’s Moana necklace.


Princess Half Marathon pre-race excitement: We stayed on property for this race because we wanted to have the perk of easy bus transportation to and from the races. We stayed at the Art of Animation resort to keep our hotel costs as low as possible so that we could have extra funds for future races. This was our first stay at a value hotel, and we enjoyed the Ariel themed room and the overall décor of the resort. The resort is very large, so we were initially concerned about waiting for a long time for race buses. We didn’t have any trouble catching a bus to the race, and the bus staff was very well organized. The bus staff made sure to pack as many people as possible on each bus.

On the day of the half marathon we were able to get right on a bus, and we were so excited to take the quick ride to the start. Our bus pulled out of the parking lot behind a line of race buses. We watched 3 buses in front of us take the left turn out of the resort towards the start.  Unfortunately, our bus driver decided to turn right instead of left out of our resort.  That’s when the not so magical craziness began.  This wrong turn meant we did not get to enter the race area in the bus entry area. We instead got the pleasure of waiting in the super long line of cars waiting to park in the parking lot for the race. It took us almost an HOUR to get to the race.  I get a lot of anxiety about arriving late (just a trait of my type A personality), so that bus ride was a pretty stressful hour for me!  We got to the pre-race area with barely enough time to take the walk to our corral. Thankfully, they started the race about 10 minutes late. Otherwise, I think we may not have made it to our corral before the start of the race.

Once we settled in our corral, we had a pretty fun time. We liked the fireworks at the start of each corral. We noticed that the Fairy Godmother was not at the start of the race as she has been in past Princess Half Marathons. We missed her magical send off at the start of the race.

Race course:  Full disclosure: we were a hot mess the week before this race. Melanie and Amanda had both been sick, and I was nursing a foot injury.  Given our less than stellar physical condition, we decided to take it easy during the half marathon. Our plan was to run until we got to Magic Kingdom, and then to chill and take it easy for the rest of the race.  This race was far from a PR for us.

The first few miles of the race course are not in any of the parks. We felt comfortable just running a steady pace and not stopping before we got on park property. There were several character stops on the course before entering the parks so there was plenty of entertainment to see. We passed Jack Sparrow, the Pixie Hollow Fairies, and the Villains all before entering the Magic Kingdom.  The best part of the first few miles was when Melanie saw Moana cheering us on from one of the overpasses. Melanie yelled, “AHHHH MOANA!! WE KNOW THE WAY!!!” Then Moana said, “Yes, we know the way!” It was super inspiring.

Once in the Magic Kingdom, we noticed higher crowds relative to previous Princess Half Marathons. Even though we were in about the same corral as last year, we had a lot more people around us while running at the castle. We always come to this race prepared to share the course with a lot of other people, so the crowds didn’t bum us out too much. The Princess Half is the happiest race ever. Crowds or no crowds, it’s one of our favorite race experiences.  We still managed to take a good castle pic in front of the castle, which is pretty much the number one goal of the race course for us. Here is our pic from the front of the castle.

Our castle picture. This is where you stop to take a picture after running through the castle.

Speaking of the castle…. You may have noticed I did not share a picture of our running through the castle moment. Instead of a running thought the castle pic, here is a PSA for any princesses who plan to run the race in the future. The photo pass picture as you are running through the castle is meant to be an action shot.  Please don’t stop running as soon as you see a photo pass photographer at the castle. You can stop and take a pic in front of the castle as soon as you run through the castle.   If you stop running suddenly during a race, the person behind you may not be ready to stop, and you are likely to create a collision with a fellow princess. I feel so bad because this is exactly what happened to us as we ran through the castle. Several people in front of us stopped suddenly and I accidentally ran into them because I was not prepared for a sudden stop. I almost stumbled over the girl in front of me!  I felt horrible.   I know that running through the castle is the highlight of the Princess Half Marathon. The thought of running through the castle is literally the only thing magical enough to get me off my rear to train for a race. It can be so tempting to want to stop in the middle of the castle to take it all in (Especially considering how pricey it is to run a runDisney event!). That being said, it is really unsafe to stop suddenly in the middle of a race. So, for your safety and the safety of those around you, please don’t slam on the breaks when you see the castle.

Ok, now that the PSA is over, let’s continue with the magical coverage of the second half of the Princess Half Marathon race course! This is the point in the course where we went into chill mode. We walked a lot of the stretch between Magic Kingdom and Epcot. We stopped to take a picture with Mary Poppins Penguins, and we got a chance to meet a few of our Instagram friends in real life on the course.

We were pretty delighted to run into the Princess Men! We loved all of their costumes this year. Especially, Christopher (@biggsjeep on Instagram) as Mulan. John Remus coordinates the Princess Men crew, and he did an incredible job writing a recap of all of their adventures at the princess half marathon. We highly recommend you check out their recap here .

We also got the chance to catch up with the lovely Rachelle and Erica from @reignitefit.  It was fun to get to know them on the course, and to find out that they are literally my neighbors! I hope to see them around the corner from my house soon!

The lovely ladies from @reignite fit on Instagram!

As we got closer to Epcot, the sun began to get warmer. We decided to pick up our pace and avoid a sunburn (redhead problems are real, y’all).  Amanda made a quick stop at the medic tent so she could cut the sleeves off her Mushu shirt, and we guzzled a few gummy bears for fuel. Other than that, we were in full speed ahead mode as we went through EPCOT.  When we got to the last mile of the course, Amanda and I squealed with delight because we saw MUSHU!! We jumped for joy, and obviously had to stop for a pic with him. It was our favorite character stop from the course.


We were elated the see the finish line of this course because all three of us were ready for some rest time.  We loved the finish line because got 3 medals at the end of this race! We got the gorgeous Enchanted Rose medal, the Glass Slipper Challenge medal, and the blue 10th Anniversary Coast to Coast medal for running this race and Light Side Half in Disneyland. They also handed out pink drawstring backpacks at the finish line.

All the bling!

Princess swag.

Woo hoo! We finished!

After the race we took a long nap, and then we headed to the parks to eat all the foods. All in all, it was a great race weekend!

Well, that’s all for now!  Let us know what you thought about the Princess Half weekend in the comments section below. Next up for us is the Dark Side Half Marathon weekend in Disney World in April. Will we see you there?





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