5 Reasons Why Fitness Is More Fun With Sisters


According to my Facebook newsfeed, today is National Sibling Day! I wanted to take a moment and dedicate today’s post to my sisters. I grew up with two amazing big sisters, and I can’t really imagine life without them. As a little kid they taught me everything from what music to listen to, how to spell my name, what to wear to school and how to dance. There is nothing I wanted more than to be exactly like them.

When we were growing up, Melanie, Christine and I had so many ways to stay active together. We rode our bikes, made up silly dances, went to basketball camp and then eventually got into competitive figure skating. We were always together going to practice and preparing for our competitions. As we grew older, went to college and then eventually developed our own lives, we missed having a sport that we did together. Luckily, in 2011 runDisney became that sport after Christine and I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon and then Melanie joined in at the Wine and Dine Half Marathon later that year. All three of us have become healthier and happier since we made fitness a family activity. Everything is more fun with sisters, including working out!

Here are five reasons why fitness is more fun with my sisters:

1. When you work out together, you have something in common and a way to bond. Ever since we started running together, my sisters and I have a non-stop chain of text messages. We’re always checking in with each other to see how that long run went, what workout we did that night or what hotel we should stay at for our next race. We have a common goal and a reason to call each other multiple times a week. We share the same struggles and we celebrate the same achievements.


Christine and I celebrating a finish line together.


Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten!

2. No one holds you accountable like family. They’ve known you forever. They’ve seen you at your worst and your best. When it comes to being brutally honest, family doesn’t sugarcoat it. They’ll tell you if you’re being a lazy bum. When I’m training for a race, I have the constant reminder that I don’t want to be the sister that didn’t train. I don’t want to let anyone down, so I’m always pushing myself!


Family tells you how it is.

3. No one builds you up like family. When you’re feeling down and discouraged, there is no one better than family. My sisters and I know each other’s quirks. We know who likes what and how to motivate one another. If I’ve had a bad run, all I have to do is send a quick text message, and I am guaranteed to receive a huge influx of motivational texts and gifs.

4. With runDisney, we get to relive our childhood. We have a reason to travel to Disney World multiple times a year and we play dress-up in running costumes. We experience characters that we grew up watching in movies, and we ride nostalgic rides like Splash Mountain and It’s a Small World. For me, participating in a runDisney race with my sisters is the equivalent of eating a giant bowl of macaroni and cheese. It’s comfort food for my soul.




5. We have a reason to see each other outside of the holidays. For me, seeing my family just during Thanksgiving and/or Christmas isn’t enough. I live in Washington, DC and my sisters live in Texas, so I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like. Luckily, every time we sign up for a race I have a set date when we will be reuniting. I see them every February for the Princess Half Marathon, and two to three other times a year for other races, crafting meet-ups and vacation planning! It’s been a huge blessing for me to stay close to them even though I live on the East coast, and I am truly grateful for our shared love of running. 12994466_10101226471208844_3242905142847355729_n

Happy National Sibling Day everyone! What type of activities do you do together as a family to stay active?

Thanks to my sisters Melanie and Christine for always being there for me.

– Amanda


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