5 Reasons We’re Excited for Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend!

FullSizeRenderThe Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend is only 9 days away! At Runs in Tutus, we are so excited that virtually all of our recent conversations revolve around Disney. It’s hard to focus at work knowing the magical weekend is almost here. I can feel the pixie dust already! Last year, we all participated in the Half Marathon and we had a great time. You can check out last year’s race recap here. This year, I’ll be doing the Pixie Dust Challenge, Melanie and Christine will be participating in the Half Marathon, and we will all three be earning that pink Coast to Coast medal!


Here are 5 reasons we’re excited for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon race weekend:

1. Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration and the All new Disney Paint the Night Parade: The Disneyland Resort is celebrating 60 years of magic, and this summer is the last chance to experience the Diamond Celebration. We are so excited to catch it before it leaves, and we are particularly excited for the Paint the Night Parade! Luminescent floats, character appearances, more than one million glowing lights, high-energy music and cutting-edge special effects are some of the words used to describe this parade. Count me in. Disney says it’s “a dazzling after-dark experience beyond anything you’ve ever imagined,” and I am inclined to believe them. We made a reservation with the Paint the Night dining package, so we will be dining at Blue Bayou for the first time before the parade.

2. Running Costumes: In true runDisney tradition, we will all be sporting a character costume at the Tink Half. We’ve been making some serious progress on the costume designs, and my apartment is currently covered in fabric, glitter and miscellaneous crafting supplies. We are also excited to see what everyone else has in store. There’s no costume show like a runDisney race!


So much glitter and pixie dust!

3. Disney Snacks: We will be eating anything and everything shaped like Mickey and all the food we would never allow ourselves to eat at home like cotton candy, churros, giant cookies, etc. etc. To make this year even better, there are also tons of limited edition snacks and desserts in honor of the Diamond Celebration. To name a few – Diamond Tiramisu at Wine Country Trattoria, Meyer Lemon Crème Brûlée Tart at Blue Bayou, White Chocolate Bavarian Diamond Strawberry-Rhubarb Shortcake at Carnation Café and Diamond Celebration Chocolate Cake at various locations.


Diamond celebration themed desserts. Photo courtesy of disney.com


Cotton candy at last year’s Tink half weekend.


4. Meeting some of our friends in real life: We created Runs in Tutus about a year ago, and we can’t believe how many friends we’ve made this year. Through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets, we’ve been able to connect with tons of amazing people who share our love for Disney and fitness. Race weekends are an opportunity to finally meet our friends in real life. If you see us on the course or around the park, don’t forget to stop and say hello! We’ll be giving out tattoos with the different race distances on them. Follow @runsintutus on Instagram or Twitter to see where we are and what we’re up to throughout the weekend.

If you see us at the Tink Half, stop and say hello for a Tink tattoo!

5. Being together: Lastly, we’re excited to be together. Race weekends are a special time for us to celebrate each other, make memories, laugh, and feel carefree. We really cherish that sister time and we’re looking forward to it in less than two weeks.


Hang in there fairies! Race weekend is almost here!



  1. This week at work is going to be so tough!

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