Princess Half Marathon Preparations

7bd6a6cf-060a-4df2-b1ad-8c4dd5679936Guess what?!! The Disney Princess Half Marathon will be here in 2 weeks!!! This is the point where my Disney anticipation reaches a level where I am unable to discuss anything that is not relevant to ultimate princess magic. I’ve got my Spotify on nonstop Disney tunes, and I spend a large part of my day texting my fellow Runs in Tutus bloggers about all of our magical plans for race weekend. The Glass Slipper Challenge is our version of the Super Bowl. We can’t wait to see all of our friends and earn that epic bling!

In preparation for the royal weekend, here are a few ways to make sure you are prepared for a practically perfect princess half:

1. Stay hydrated: This seems like a no-brainer, but proper hydration is crucial for a successful run. If you are traveling by airplane to the race, be sure to drink extra water before and during the flight. If you head to the parks before the big race, don’t let the pixie dust distract you from chugging that H20.

2. Pack like a pro: Pack your race day essentials in your suitcase first. Nothing ruins a race-cation like realizing you’ve left your running shoes at home (Trust me. Been there. Done that). I like to keep my running shoes in my carry-on bag so that I have them with me in the event the airline loses my checked bag. The Florida weather can be pretty unpredictable so I leave most of my wardrobe packing until I can get a look at a reliable weather forecast. Here are items I’ve added to my packing list since I started traveling to runDisney events:

– A poncho for use in the parks and in case it rains on way to expo

– An empty water bottle

– Extra socks (again, in case of rain)

– Small pair of scissors for costume adjustments

– Sunscreen

– Small foam roller

– Snack food (e.g., granola bars, protein bars)

– Magic bands and transportation documents (e.g. magical express paperwork)

– Hotel room decorations (princess themed of course)


3. Print race waiver: RunDisney requires each participant to bring their photo ID and a signed race waiver to the race expo for packet pick-up. Race waivers are available on the runDisney website a couple weeks before the race. Each participant has a personalized race waiver that can be found by typing your name and birthdate in the search boxes on the race waiver webpage. RunDisney typically sends an email to participants with subject “Final Race Instructions” when the race waivers are available. Keep an eye on your inbox and make sure those runDisney emails aren’t going to your SPAM folder.

Worst case scenario you can print your race waiver at the race expo (but who wants to wait in an unnecessary line).

UPDATE: Race waivers are available! Print your waiver here!

You will see your bib number in the bottom right corner of your waiver. For Princess Half Marathon follow this link to check your corral placement based on your bib number. For Glass Slipper Challenge click here.

4. Double check your costume: If you are wearing a costume, make sure you take it out for a test run before you pack it up for the race. It’s also a good idea to take a look at the updated costume guidelines to make sure your race day fashion is runDisney approved. Here is the link to the newest runDisney costume guidelines.

5. Plan your pre-race meal: It’s never a good idea to try anything new before a race. This advice includes your pre-race fuel choices. A lot of Disney restaurants require advance reservations. Take a look at the restaurants and meal options available before you head to Disney so you can pick a meal that will be the best for you. Remember you can also choose to participate in Pasta in the Park the night before the 10K or Half Marathon. This is a fun way to get fueled up for the race and have an awesome pre-race party!

6. Have courage and be kind: You’ve been training and working towards this race for a long time. No race journey is perfect, but if you remember to have courage and be kind you will have a magical weekend. Trust your training, take a deep breath, and enjoy the magic! If you miss out on official merch because an eBay troll scoops it up before you can get to the expo, adjust your tiara and shake it off. If you have to wait in a line for a bus, sing a happy song. If you have to hang out in your corral for a long time before the race starts, make friends with a fellow princess. If the weather is less than ideal, let it go. You get to run a race in the happiest place on earth!!

See ya real soon, princesses!