Frozen Themed Workout Inspired by Winter Storm Jonas!

Someone really made Elsa angry this week! If you live anywhere around the Northeast, you are currently stuck at home braving Winter Storm Jonas AKA “SNOWZILLA.”


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I’m in Washington, DC where we have over 20 inches of snow. I’m bored out of my mind, and I can’t get outside for a run. Instead of going insane, I decided to create a Frozen themed workout to embrace Elsa’s powers and eventually blow this snowstorm away. The whole workout takes about 10 minutes. It goes along with the soundtrack, or you can try it out while watching the movie! Good luck!


For the First Time in Forever: Run in place for the duration of the song. Every time you hear Anna sing “for the first time in forever,” do a burpee! This will get your heart rate up for sure.

Let it Go: This is a booty track! Work out the glutes and get in some toning. Watch the video to get the exercises down then try it on your own! I guarantee your butt will start to burn right away.

Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People: Hold a plank for the entire song


In Summer: Alternating lunges for the whole song. When you get to the bridge, hold a lunge on one side, then try to balance on one leg!

Stay safe in the storm everyone!


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