Tips for Running in The Summer Heat


I absolutely love summer and the heat. Give me warm temps, a good book, a cold drink, and a patio, and I am good to go…until I have to run. Running in the summer can be pretty unmagical. When temps in Texas hit triple digits, I feel like a melted snowman.

Here are a few strategies I use to help make running in the heat bearable:


1. Run before the sun comes up: I’m usually an evening runner, so this is a tough one for me. I really enjoy going for a run to let off steam after a long work day. In the hottest parts of summer evening runs are not always possible. This past week the temps were still over 90 degrees at 9:00 pm. Morning runs are a much cooler option. Even though it can be hard to win the battle with the alarm clock, I know how great it will feel when I am properly prepped for my fall races. Temps are usually the coolest before 7:30 am, so I try to finish up before then.

2. Stay hydrated: Dehydration is not a good way to end a run. When temps are high, you will need more water than usual. The optimal amount of water needed can vary from person to person. I try to drink 6-8 oz of water every 30 minutes during a runs lasting 45 min or more. More importantly I try to maintain proper hydration before and after runs. That means I usually drink my weight in water (literally, that’s how many oz I drink during the day). I’m also more inclined to try a Gatorade type beverage after a run in the summer time.

3. Take it slow: There’s no way around it. You will run slower in the summer. How much slower will also vary from person to person. In Jeff Galloway’s training program on the RunDisney website he recommends slowing your pace by about a minute a mile for temps above 70 F and 2 minutes a mile for temps above 80 F.

4. Find a friend: This is a great tip for training any time of year. A training buddy can help keep you motivated when temps and early mornings are standing between you and your training plan. If you don’t have a friend who can join you for runs, consider joining some of the Facebook groups for runners. All of the Disney races have Facebook groups filled with other runners to help you stay motivated. A simple search for running groups on Facebook will give you loads of options for virtual pals.

5. Find some sprinklers: I know it sounds odd, but I love to run in my neighborhood on watering days. I strategically try to run close to the sprinklers to get little cool off from the water. Running through sprinklers also makes me happy because it makes me feel like a kid again.

6. Consider a treadmill: When all else fails, you can turn to a treadmill. I’m going to be completely honest here. I LOATHE treadmills. I never run on a treadmill. I think they are evil robots out to get me. Seriously. I hyperventilate just thinking about a treadmill. I realize that is a completely irrational fear that is likely not shared by our friendly readers. For that reason, I decided to include the treadmill as a strategy for summer runs. Use at your own risk, friends.

7. Wear proper attire: Breathable fabric is a must in the summer heat. Look for fabrics that are moisture wicking. You don’t have to go to an expensive store to find moisture wicking workout attire. Walmart and Target are great locations to find inexpensive clothing options for summer runs. Don’t forget to look for moisture wicking socks, too!

That’s all the tips for now. Hopefully a few of these will help you stay a happy snowman… IN SUMMER!!!




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