New Disney Park! Shanghai Disneyland!


Back in February, Disney released the amazing news that there will be a brand new theme park opening in Shanghai, China! Recently, more details have been released and I have to say it sounds pretty epic. The Runs in Tutus team may just have to start planning a trip to the other side of the world in the next few years!


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The most recent update is that the park will be opening in Spring 2016. The resort at the time of opening will include:

  • Shanghai Disneyland, a theme park with six themed lands: Adventure Isle, Gardens of Imagination, Mickey Avenue, Tomorrowland, Treasure Cove and Fantasyland, with the Enchanted Storybook Castle.
  • Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and Toy Story Hotel
  • Disneytown, “an international shopping, dining and entertainment district, adjacent to Shanghai Disneyland and including the Walt Disney Grand Theatre, home to the first-ever Mandarin production of the Broadway hit Disney’s THE LION KING.”
  • Wishing Star Park, “with beautiful gardens, a walking path and a glittering lake.”

Many of the attractions and shows at Shanghai Disneyland will be appearing for the very first time in a Disney theme park. This park will also be home to Enchanted Storybrook Castle, the largest, tallest (196.8 ft tall) and most interactive castle in any Disney theme park and the only castle that represents ALL the Disney princesses. Finally! Equal representation! Is it really asking that much to see more Pocahontas and Princess Tiana??

Here are a few more of the firsts in Shanghai Disneyland:

  • Mickey Avenue – the first park main entry inspired by Mickey Mouse and his pals

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  • Fantasia Carousel in a land called Gardens of Imagination
  • Voyage to the Crystal Grotto – an excursion through the waters of Fantasyland, complete with colorful fountains, wonderful music and a ride underneath the Enchanted Storybook Castle for a finale never before seen inside a castle. I’ve always wanted more opportunities to go INSIDE the castles!
  • Adventure Isle – a mysterious land, with an ancient legend about a native tribe, a giant, reptilian creature, and the mighty Roaring Mountain. This looks scary.

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  • TRON Lightcycle Power Run – a thrilling, roller coaster-type attraction with a twisting, turning track, high speeds, rich storytelling and a breathtaking view of Shanghai Disneyland. They’re claiming that this will be one of the most thrilling Disney attractions ever.

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  • Treasure Cove – Pirate fans rejoice! This is the first pirate-themed land at a Disney park with a new Pirates of the Caribbean – Battle for the Sunken Treasure. The boats will spin, travel sideways and move backwards during the ride! This is also home to a stunt show spectacular featuring Captain Jack Sparrow.

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  • Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue – a brand new space ranger adventure with an “immersive, new storyline combined with a new, interactive targeting system.”
  • Alice in Wonderland themed maze – the first attraction at a Disney park based on the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland
  • Tangled Tree Tavern – inspired by the Snuggly Duckling from Tangled!
  • Once Upon a Time Adventure – Located inside Enchanted Storybrook Castle, “for the first time in a Disney park guests will interact with an animated version of Snow White as they stroll through scenes of her story. Passing through a ‘Magic Mirror’ portal and into this wonderful fairy tale, guests will meet Snow White’s friends, witness the evil deeds of her enemies, and share her dreams through realistic, interactive technology.”

What do you think? Is it worth a trip around the world? This really sounds like the most innovative and high tech Disney park yet with tons of brand new experiences! In the words of Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger, “We are building something truly special here in Shanghai that not only showcases the best of Disney’s storytelling but also celebrates and incorporates China’s incredibly rich heritage to create a one-of-a-kind destination…We are taking everything we’ve learned from our six decades of exceeding expectations – along with our relentless innovation and famous creativity to create a truly magical place that is both authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese.”

See you in Shanghai?


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