New Disney Announcements from D23 Expo

New Disney announcements have emerged from the 2015 D23 expo! New Star Wars Land, Toy Story Land, Avatar Land and more!

We were not able to attend the D23 Expo in person, but that certainly didn’t stop us from stalking the internet for live feeds of Magic. I watched the live feed of the Disney Parks panel discussion, and it was absolutely amazing. So many exciting announcements. Here are a few highlights that made me very happy:

  • Both California and Florida will be getting a brand new Star Wars Land!! These will be located in Hollywood Studios and Disneyland.  It will be a brand new planet never before seen in a movie! It will include 2 new rides, one of which will be a chance to fly the Millennium Falcon. That is going to take awhile to build, so the Disney powers that be are going to give us a little more Star Wars to hold us over. Star Tours will get a new destination, and there will be a “Season of the Force” special event in the Spring. During this event, Space mountain will be transformed into Hyperspace Mountain, a Star Wars themed attraction. There will also be a new Star Wars fireworks show in Hollywood Studios.



Photo from Disney Parks Blog

  • A brand new Toy Story Land is coming to Hollywood Studios!!! YAAAAASSSS. At the Disney parks panel, they announced that this 11 acre land will be modeled after Cars Land. It will look like Andy’s backyard and Andy’s room. There will also be 2 new rides, one of which involves little green aliens pulling you on a flying saucer to avoid The Claw. The other ride will be a roller coaster where the car looks like Slinky Dog! Toy Story Mania will be expanded to include an additional track to expand ride capacity. A lot of the changes coming to Hollywood Studios are about transforming the park “from a backstage experience to a real life experience.” All this Hollywood Studios action helps me feel a little bit better about the disappearance of the Tower of Terror 10 Miler.

Photo from Disney Parks Blog


Photo from Disney Parks Blog

  • Meanwhile, in Epcot, Frozen things are happening. The Maelstrom (may it RIP) is being converted into Frozen Ever After. In this ride, guests will experience the winter and summer festivals in Arendelle. The characters on the ride look adorable, especially Sven! The style appears to be similar to that of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. There will also be an expansion of the World Showcase to include a larger Norway pavilion that will house a summer cottage where guests can meet Anna and Elsa.


  • Animal Kingdom is getting a facelift right now to include the Avatar Land of Pandora. In Pandora, there will be floating mountains, and several opportunities to experience bioluminescence in the evening. Two new attractions will be added to Pandora. One will be a Soarin’ type experience where guests will fly through Pandora. The other will be a boat ride through Pandora that will be lit up entirely by bioluminescence. They will expand the safari ride to include more animals such as hyenas. At night, there will be a new light show that will be called “Rivers of Light.” It will be set on huge fountains. There will be lots of lights and floating lanterns that go into the sky!!!!! AHHHHHH!!! Hyperventilating yet?!

Projection mapping being added to the Tree of Life



Bioluminescence in Avatar Land of Pandora boat ride

Rivers of Light art concept

  • Finally, Soarin’ over the World will replace Soarin’ over California in Disney California Adventure and Epcot.

Perhaps the most magical, epic, life-changing moment of the expo actually happened the day before at the Goofy Movie panel discussion. It is one of our favorite movies. We frequently discuss how sad we are that “121” is not available on Spotify to add to our running playlist. Yesterday, the Disney Gods smiled upon us and graced us with this 20th anniversary panel.

IT. WAS. EVERYTHING. The panel was complete with cheese whiz aaaannnnd a POWERLINE CONCERT. That’s right. IT. HAPPENED. Powerline sang live. God bless the souls who filmed this epic moment. Made me tear up. Not joking! Here it is for you to view again and again. I recommend a box of tissues to wipe those happy tears.

Another tear jerking moment occurred when Disney Legends Richard Sherman and Dick Van Dyke sang “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” together. 

 There is still a full day of excitement at the Expo tomorrow. Can’t wait to follow all of those details (virtually). What are you the most excited about so far?


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