Mike and Sulley’s Buddy Workout: Inspired by Monsters Inc.

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Calling all monsters! It’s time to get in ship shape for your upcoming races so that you can be the scariest, strongest and toughest monster around! This workout is inspired by the great Mike Wazowski and James P. “Sulley” Sullivan. It’s a conditioning workout that’s best performed with a buddy. It’s sure to keep your heart rate elevated and build your endurance, so grab your best buddy and let’s get to work!



Equipment: All you need for this workout is your best buddy, a sense of humor and a “kid.”

We drew a kid's face and stapled it to a stick for a real authentic monster workout.

We drew a kid’s face and stapled it to a stick for a real authentic monster workout.

The Workout: This buddy workout involves exercises from 5 different categories including scary feet, kids in a bunk bed, don’t let the kid touch you, monster crawls and the top scarer celebration. The exercises should be done in a circuit style. Depending on your fitness level, you’ll want to try each exercise for 20-45 seconds. One partner will be Mike and one will be Sulley. When you finish the first round, switch roles with your partner and repeat. How many rounds can you do?? Complete 4 rounds each and you’re on track to becoming top scarer! If you aren’t there yet, don’t worry – keep working on it. Before you know it, you’ll be making your way up the Scarer’s Leaderboard and leaving monsters like Randall in the dust!

Exercise #1: SCARY FEET

Monsters need to be able to move quickly and think fast during a scare mission. When your partner yells “scary feet,” run in place as fast as you can. When you hear “the kid’s awake,” get down onto the ground and stay low. If your partner yells “the kid’s asleep,” it’s your time to shine! Do a squat jump and get as high as you can. To keep the exercise safe for the joints, be sure to land as quietly as possible.


Exercise #2: KIDS IN A BUNK BED

Have your partner hold out the stick horizontally. Step over the stick and then duck under it. Switch directions halfway through so that you get both sides.



This skill is crucial for monsters because a single touch from a human child will kill you. That’s why we’ve offered two different exercises in this section. Watch out for the kid!

  1. Plank Taps: Start in a plank position on your hands. Your partner will simulate the child by going after one hand at a time. Quickly pick up the hand and touch it to the opposite shoulder! Keep the abs tight and try not to let the hips sway back and forth.
    • Beginner modification: Bring your plank down to the knees 
  2. Lateral Reaches: Reach your arms out to the side and bend your knees slightly. Move side to side, performing a side crunch movement to keep away from the kid.
    • Beginner modification: Put your hands on your hips
    • Advanced modification: Extend your arms up over head



You never know when a stealthy monster crawl will come in handy. There are two ways to perform a monster crawl, depending on your preference.

  1. The Sulley Crawl: Get down on your hands and feet. Bend the knees and soften the arms. Stay low and close to the ground. Start to crawl by moving your right hand and left foot, then your left hand and right foot.
  2. The Wazowski Shuffle: Take a seat on the ground and reach your hands behind you. Push the hips up then move your hands and feet to walk.

Advanced modification: Try crawling backwards or going up and down steps



Time to celebrate and show your workout buddy some love! Face your partner and squat low. Jump in the air and give each other a HIGH TEN at the top. Enthusiasm is strongly encouraged.

unnamed-3Nice work monsters. Keep trying the workout and see how much you improve!

You better give it 100%…


You can reference our video below to see these exercises in action. Special thanks to our dad for filming!

– Amanda & Melanie


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