Five Must-Have Craft Supplies for Race Costumes


Making race costumes has to be my favorite thing about running a race at Disney. I try to keep my costume making as simple as possible because unfortunately I have to go to work and do all those other grownup things that really cramp my style. Today, I thought I’d share my top 5 favorite craft tools for making race costumes.



1. Hot Glue: Oh how I love thee… let me count the ways….. I think I have used hot glue on some component of every single costume I’ve ever made. Hot glue can be used to attach felt, ribbon, buttons and embellishments to shirts, skirts and headpieces. Hot glue guns are cheap and easy to find at any craft store. 


2. Printable Iron-on paper: You can find this paper at craft stores and office supply stores. I use iron-on paper to print and transfer logos onto costume pieces. You can buy iron-on paper for white fabrics, colored fabrics, and breathable fabrics. Make sure you purchase the correct type of iron-on material for the fabric you are working with.


3. Craft foam: Craft foam is very forgiving and can be found in many shapes and colors at craft stores. I find it to be appealing because it’s light weight and easy to cut with general purpose scissors. Most craft stores devote an entire aisle to this magical material. We use adhesive black foam to make mickey ears, and we use foam visors to make crowns and other head pieces. Melanie cut out leaf shapes for her Vidia costume and sewed them together in her sewing machine.


4, Heatbond: This versatile material can be used as a no-sew solution to help you attach pieces of fabric. I’ve used this material to put ribbon trim on tote bags, hem shirts, and attach fabric appliques to costumes. You can also use heat bond on elastic to make a waist band for a tutu. Click here for a tutu tutorial


5. Headbands: Many characters have crowns or headpieces that are an essential component of the character’s look. I purchase these cheap headbands at the craft store in packages of 2-3. They are small metal headbands that make it easy to hot glue fabric or craft foam to make a head piece. Here are a few of the looks we’ve created with plain metal headbands.

IMG_3673 (1)

That’s all the tips I’ve got for now. Do you have any go to craft materials? I am always looking to add to my collection. Happy Crafting!


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