2015 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Race Recap

This past weekend, the Runs in Tutus team trekked across the country to Anaheim, California for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in Disneyland. We had a blast, and we are proudly displaying our pink Coast to Coast medals that we earned for completing both the Princess and Tinker Bell Half Marathons in the same calendar year!

Coast to Coast Medal - Pink Edition

Coast to Coast Medal – Pink Edition

For me, there were a lot of highlights in this race and very few disappointments. As is always the case with RunDisney races, packet pick up was amazingly organized. The Expo was full of awesome photo booth opportunities, and we took advantage of each and everyone of them. We also met Jeff Galloway. I wanted to jump up and down and scream like a little girl, but I managed to keep my cool and act somewhat normal. Meeting an Olympian? NO BIG DEAL. I told him about finishing the Shamrock Marathon in March and he said it’s totally normal to cry during a marathon. Thanks, Jeff!


Keeping it cool with Jeff Galloway

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Here’s the one major buzz kill of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Expo. The official MERCH sold out like a friggin’ Madonna concert. Seriously, we got there on Friday and Disney was so low on merchandise that they started filling the shelves with generic Tinker Bell products to make it look more full. Lesson learned: get there a few days early if you want to buy merch. I did however manage to score the holy New Balance Tinker Bell shoes. I’ve already worn them several times and they have vastly improved my quality of life.

They are even sprinkled with REAL pixie dust.

They are even sprinkled with REAL pixie dust.

We chose not to participate in the Pixie Dust Challenge (10K + Half Marathon). This was my first time visiting Disneyland, so I wanted sometime to explore the parks, and that’s exactly what I did Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (yes, I’m exhausted). More about the parks will be coming very soon.

The Half Marathon took place on Sunday with a bright and early 5:30AM start time. Here I am all ready to go in my homemade Fawn costume! Side note – it was FREEZING outside before the race so I had to veto wearing shorts. WTF Southern California?

Shout out to the Neverbeast!

Shout out to the Neverbeast!

Me, Caroline and Melanie as Fawn, Smee and Queen Clarion

Me, Caroline and Melanie as Fawn, Smee and Queen Clarion

I was miraculously placed in CORRAL A which means I got to start the race in the very first wave! At Tinker Bell, you can get placed in Corral A with a 2:15 Half Marathon time which is pretty rare for any race. The best thing about being in Corral A is that you get to all the characters and photo spots before there are any lines. I didn’t have to do any weaving around other runners, and I ran through the castle with zero crowds. Here are some pics of my favorite race spots.

Disney California Adventure: 


Paradise Pier


Cars Land – Mater!



Sleeping Beauty Castle!


The Lost Boys on the carousel


Jack Sparrow and the pirates!


Iridessa and Rosetta

The portion of the race through the parks was amazing. I have to say it seemed like there was far more time in the parks in this race than Princess or Wine&Dine, and there seemed to be more characters and excitement. Out of all the RunDisney races I’ve done, this was the best run through the parks. Unfortunately, after about mile 5 or 6, there was no more Disney! The rest of the race was through the neighborhoods surrounding the parks. There were plenty of crowds, dance teams, cheerleaders and marching bands (and they were great!). I was just hoping for a little more Disney magic toward the end when I was losing steam. I did run into these guys around mile 8 and they melted my heart.

photo-3Other race highlights for me include a massive cheering section of red hat ladies, someone running in a full Zurg costume, a runner dressed as Iridessa yelling “Good Job Fawn,” and Tinker Bell sticking her tongue out at me while posing for a picture with someone else.

Tinkerbell and random person

Tinker Bell and random person

All in all, it was a great race and I will definitely consider doing it again. I got a high five from Daisy Duck at the finish line, but Melanie lucked out with a high-five from Mickey!

Melanie at the finish line

The Mickey high-five

Congratulations to everyone who completed the 2015 Tinker Bell Half Marathon and Pixie Dust Challenge!





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