2017 runDisney Princess 5k Race Recap

Hello, Team Tutu! It’s been a busy few weeks since our magical trip to Princess Half Marathon weekend! We’ve finally recovered from all the fun, and we are ready to share some recaps from the weekend.   Let’s kick off our recap series with a review of all the fun from the Princess 5k!

I was so excited about this 5k because it was my first ever runDisney 5k.  It’s been difficult to include a 5k in our travel plans in the past because the runDisney 5ks are usually on Fridays (work really cramps our style). Plus, the thought of adding an extra 3.2 miles to the 19.3 miles required to complete typical runDisney challenge didn’t sound like something I was ready to conquer.  I decided to run the Princess 5k because my friend Ashlea and her daughter committed to running the Princess 5k as their first ever 5k race!  Ashlea and her daughter got the runDisney bug this summer when they participated in the runDisney Virtual Running Shorts series. They had so much fun on the virtual runs that they wanted to see what a runDisney experience was like in Disney World.  As soon as I heard they were interested in the 5k, I jumped at the chance to join them for the fun!

Here is how the race experience went:

Registration:  We had a pretty easy registration experience this year because we were all able to register with Team Raw Threads. I am a Raw Threads Club member and one of the awesome club perks is early race registrations for yourself and sometimes up to 2 family members or very close friends. I was able to snag a bib for myself and 2 bibs for Ashlea and her daughter without any stress. If you are a big runDisney fan, and love the Raw Threads apparel, it is definitely worth it to purchase a club membership!

Costumes:  As soon as we heard the theme was Beauty and the Beast, Ashlea’s daughter asked if we could dress as Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Belle. Our costumes were really easy to put together.  I had just finished dressing as Mrs. Potts for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon, so I had some left over fabric laying around that I was able to give to Ashlea so that they could make their Mrs. Potts and Chip costumes. Ashlea’s mom is an amazing seamstress and she made adorable Mrs. Potts and Chip costumes for Ashlea and her daughter!  Like a true seamstress, Ashlea’s mom had some gold sparkle fabric laying around that was perfect for my Belle costume.  She graciously donated it to me so that I could make an overlay for my Belle tutu. It was the perfect addition to the costume!  The rest of my costume was a breeze to make because I borrowed Amanda’s Belle inspired tank top from last year’s Princess Half. I made a new rose embellishment for the top out of some of the scrap sparkle fabric, and then used a remaining scrap as a ribbon for my hair.

Mrs. Potts and Chip. Ashlea’s mom made them!

Thank you to Ashlea’s mom for the tutu overlay fabric!

Pre-race fun:  The 5k pre-race party was hands down my favorite of the weekend! It wasn’t overly crowded, and the vibe was a lot less intense than the other races. We got to see so many of our friends during the pre-race party because it was very easy to walk around and say hello! We had the pleasure of seeing a few of our Instagram friends in real life. It was great to see Jessica (@jbullski), Kimberly (@belle898), Cindy (@copleycoture), and Lara and her sister (@lalalenz & @critterclubhouse)!

@copelycoture looked amazing!

Always great to see @jbullski! (Photo credit to her for this pic)

Finally got to meet @lalalenz and @critterclubhouse ! (repost from @lalalenz on Instagram)

As soon as we walked into the pre-race party, we ran into a group wearing some of the most amazing Beauty and the Beast costumes we saw all weekend (they actually had amazing costumes for all the weekend. Check out their full group on Instagram @la.lee11)! They had almost every Beauty and the Beast character accounted for in the group. We were in awe and stopped to talk with them for a few minutes. As it turns out, they did not have a Mrs. Potts, Chip, or Belle in gold in their group. When we all stood together talking we created quite a scene because we were literally the full cast of the movie! Several runners even asked to take pictures with us!  RunDisney announcer Carissa noticed our costumes and came over to give our group a shout out on the big screen and on her Instagram! It was fun to meet Carissa!

Our group picture with the fabuous friends we met at the pre-race party. Thank you @la.lee11 for letting us hang with your group!

Race start:  We were able to make it to our corral without any problems and had a few minutes to warm up and take a drink of water before the race started. This year runDisney started a new system with the corral starts.  Each corral is divided into waves rather than starting all at once. It seemed to keep the race start fairly uncrowded. We were in the second wave of our corral, and right before our wave started Carissa headed back towards us to do pre-race interview.  Carissa walked towards us and the next thing we knew she was interviewing Ashlea’s daughter!  When we crossed the start, Ashlea’s daughter looked at me and said, “Do they always interview you before the race starts?”  She was surprised to hear that we had never been interviewed before =).

I was a little sad that we didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of Ashela’s sweet daughter on the big screen. Shortly after the start of the race, we got the chance to meet Laura, the lovely blogger behind Joyful Miles. Laura is such a nice person. She greeted us with a smile and let us know she got some video of our pre-race interview.  We were so thankful she caught the moment on camera! She went the extra mile (pun intended) of sending us the video during the race! Now that’s some serious multitasking.

The lovely Laura from @joyful_miles

The race course:  This race course was also my favorite of the weekend (and no, it’s not because it was the shortest =) ). Nearly all of the 5k course was in Epcot! We ran around the whole World Showcase and around Spaceship Earth. We even got the chance to take a picture with some great characters. Everyone looked like they were having a great time. There were lots of families running together, and there were a lot of amazing costumes on the course!

The mile markers were adorable!

Finish and post-race fun:  Ashlea and her daughter did a great job pacing themselves during the 5k. We took it easy and enjoyed ourselves at the beginning, and then finished the race strong. The medal for this race is one of my favorite runDisney medals to date. The medal features Mrs. Potts and Chip and is a pretty equal size to the other medals from the Princess Half weekend. runDisney recently upgraded the 5k medals from a plastic medal to medals made of metal. The upgrade was very much appreciated at the finish line of this race! After the race we went to 1900 Park Fare for a celebratory brunch!

All in all, this was a great 5k experience! I would definitely consider registering for another runDisney 5k in the future.

Congrats to Ashlea and her daughter on their first 5k!

That’s all for the 5k recap… stay tuned for a recap of the rest of the weekend’s events and races!  If you ran in the Princess 5k, leave a comment and let us know what you thought of the event.


Free printable magic rose stickers

We just got back from an extra magical weekend at the runDisney Princess Half Marathon weekend!  The best part of the weekend was getting to meet so many of our Team Tutu friends in real life. We are working on a complete race recap, but in the meantime we wanted to share some free printable stickers to commemorate the princess fun!

The stickers are the same image we used on the temporary tattoos we gave out to friends at the races. The set includes a sticker for the 5K, 10k, 13.1, and 19.3 distances. There are also blank stickers so you can write in a milestone of your choice.

Be our guest and download the file for free here: Free printable rose stickers download link

Directions for making stickers:

  1. Print the file on white cardstock or sticker paper
  2. Cut out the stickers
  3. If you print the stickers on cardstock, use glue dots, tape, or adhesive of your choice on the back of the stickers
  4. Put the stickers in your planner or training log to reward yourself for a job well done


Congrats to all who ran!


2017 Pro Bowl 5k Race Recap

Greetings, Team Tutu!  A couple of weeks ago, Melanie and I decided to take a last minute trip to Orlando to run the Pro Bowl 5k. This race wasn’t on the official runDisney schedule, but it was advertised via a runDisney newsletter and managed by runDisney, so we thought it might be worth the trip.  The entire race experience from start to finish was so much fun and definitely exceeded our expectations! Here is how the weekend went down:

Registration, transportation, and packet pickup:  We registered for the race on active.com less than a month before the race. Registration was a breeze and we only paid $49.00 for the 5k!  Compared to the $90.00 fee for a typical runDisney 5k, this was quite a pleasant price to pay!  There was plenty of information about how to get to the race and pick up packets on the ESPN Wide World of Sports Website, so we knew exactly how to get to the race and pick up our packets.  Melanie and I decided to stay off property because there weren’t any official race transportation buses provided for this race. We booked a last minute flight, hotel, and rental car deal on Priceline (yet another way we cut costs for this last minute trip). We flew in late Friday night, and we drove to the race on Saturday morning without any issues. This race had packet pick-up the morning of the race, which was a very nice perk. We didn’t have to take off of work on Friday just to go to an expo to pick up our bibs. The race registration did not include a race shirt, but that didn’t bother us because we have waaaay to many race shirts already.

Our costumes:  We come from a big family of Steelers fans, so Melanie and I were excited to have an opportunity to represent our favorite team at a race!  Melanie and I both wore black and gold tutus, Steelers themed eye blacks, black and gold knee socks, and black and gold Sparkly Soul headbands. I made us some matching bows, and we brought along a football to carry through the race. I wore my Ben Roethlisberger jersey and Melanie wore an Antonio Brown jersey.

The race:  This was an untimed race, so there were no corral assignments.  The race was small enough that there didn’t seem to be any issues running the pace we wanted to run. We didn’t wait in any lines to pick up our bibs, and we were able to enjoy some prerace entertainment. The runDisney commentators (including Carissa) were out at the start to get the crowd hyped. We saw prerace coffee available with no lines, and there were plenty of port-a-potties to go around.

The race course was the exact same course as the Princess 5k!!! That’s right, we paid 49 bucks and got to run through the World Showcase with less than 3,000 other runners!! We started in the parking lot of Epcot, ran through the World Showcase, past Spaceship Earth, and then back out to the Epcot parking lot.  Melanie and I took our time on the course, interacted with other football fans, and took a lot of fun pictures.

Some of the course highlights for us were:

  • When I fumbled the football less than a mile into the race. Another friendly Steelers fan recovered the football and attempted to throw it back to me, but I was unable to catch the ball. I am clearly not a NFL caliber athlete, so the football hit me right in the head, and I dropped the ball for a second time. Finally, I somehow managed to recover the ball, and we kept the ball fumble free for the remainder of the race.
  • Taking pictures along the World Showcase. There were some fun photo backgrounds out in Epcot for the International Festival of the Arts, so we took advantage of those for some race photos. There weren’t any race photographers on the course, so we tried to take as many fun pictures as possible!
  • That moment Melanie decided to twerk in front of Spaceship Earth. Antonio Brown is well-known for his signature touchdown twerk dance. Melanie thought it would be great to channel her inner Antonio Brown right in front of Spaceship Earth, and IT. WAS. WORTH. IT.

Race bling and Finish: As we approached the finish line, we got to see NFL mascots and cheerleaders cheering for us.  There was so much room at the finish line that Melanie managed to capture another Antonio Brown stretch move (fellow Steelers fans might know  this move as the “Immaculate Extension”) right as we crossed the finish line. 

The medals for this race were amazing, especially considering this was a 5K. They were the same size and quality as most of the runDisney medals we have earned.  We got post-race bananas and water in a bottle that had the Pro Bowl logo on the front. We were so excited at the end of the race we did a touchdown dance in the middle of the Epcot parking lot.

We had no issues getting out of the Epcot parking lot and back to our hotel. The race crowds were low enough that we didn’t sit in a long line of traffic trying to exit the race.  After the race, we took a quick rest break (and proceeded to share our adventures on social media). We opened our Twitter account and squealed with delight because THE STEELERS TWEETED US!!  EEEEEEEE!!!  It was a huge surprise to us  because we don’t usually have  many exciting notifications on our Twitter feed! We are definitely more active on Instagram.  Here is the moment our football fangirl dreams came true live on Twitter:

Extra Magic:   Melanie and I headed straight to the parks to celebrate our race. We were so excited because we were able to enjoy the Inaugural Epcot Festival of the Arts. We booked a dining package that included breakfast at the Garden Grill and a fastpass to return to Epcot that evening for a concert featuring Disney on Broadway hits performed by Broadway singers! We heard music from Beauty and the Beast, Newsies, Aladdin, and Tarzan. The concert and the festival were absolutely amazing! There were tons of food booths and adorable art themed snacks.


The next day, Melanie and I headed to Magic Kingdom to sneak in some last minute park time before heading home. The park crowds were so low that we literally managed to ride everything in Magic Kingdom! All in all, it was a pretty magical weekend!

Next up for us is the Princess Half Marathon weekend. We are busy finishing up our costumes (and training, I guess). We definitely want to meet some of our team tutu friends at Princess Half! We are preparing some more fun race-themed tattoos to give away over the course of the Princess Half weekend. Stay tuned to our Instagram, blog, and Twitter for more updates on our Princess plans!





Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon Recap

Hello, team tutu! We are so excited about our 2017 race schedule. We are registered for so many fun races and adventures this year including the Disney Princess Half Marathon, Tinker Bell 10K and more! Thanks to our Raw Threads Club membership, we’ve been able to register for all of the upcoming runDisney races with ease. We started our 2017 race fun off with a trip to Disneyland for the Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon. This was our first time participating in this event and we loved the entire experience. Here is a quick review of some of our favorite moments from the weekend:

Race Expo:

The last few runDisney race expos that we’ve experienced have been pretty crowded and a lot of official race merchandise has sold out within hours of expo opening. We’ve started to arrive at runDisney expos prepared for crowds and limited race merchandise availability. Melanie and Amanda arrived at the expo on Friday evening and I came to the expo on Saturday. We were relieved to find low crowds and some of the race merchandise still available on Friday and Saturday. This was a great surprise. Melanie and Amanda were both able to snag the coveted Tervis tumbler along with some other cute merch! Packet pickup was a breeze and the long sleeved race shirts were a nice perk!

The best part of the race expos is getting a chance to catch up with some of our friends. We were excited to see so many of our friends at the expo. We got the chance to see our friends from Run all the Races, Chase this Skirt, and Raw Threads.


Race Day:

We drove to the race and parked at the Mickey and Friends parking garage. It was a breeze parking and getting to our corrals in time for the start of the race. The quick commute to the corrals was a relief for us because we were definitely not feeling 100% on race day. Melanie and Amanda were both fighting a cold and I was nursing some nagging foot pain. We were slow getting up that morning but thankfully traveled quickly to our corrals. Race day weather was a little chilly at the start, but quickly it warmed up to a very comfortable temperature.

We decided to dress as Ewoks for this race. We wore brown tutus and sleeveless Ewok hoodies from Her Universe. About a week before the race, I found some adorable Ewok felties on Etsy and decided to make Ewok hair bows. The Ewok bows were my favorite part of the race costume.

The race course was absolutely amazing! It was entertaining and not very crowded. This was by far our favorite runDisney course to date! That’s saying a lot considering how much we love princess things. The first 4 miles of the course ran through the parks. There were several character stops in the parks and lots of opportunities for pictures.

We ran through Fantasyland and Cars Land. The highlight of the park portion of the course had to be running past It’s a Small World. The attraction was still decorated for the holiday with beautiful lights. As I ran towards the attraction, I was giddy as I saw the pretty lights from afar. My giddiness was momentarily squelched because as soon as I ran up to the front of the attraction the lights turned off as the timer turns the lights off daily at 6:30 AM. Thankfully there were some WONDERFUL cast members working in front of the attraction. As soon as I disappointingly asked what happened to the lights, Brian and his team radioed for help and got the attraction lights turned back on for the remainder of the race!!! It. Was. Magical!!!!!

We were initially concerned about the second half of the race course as a majority of the course was outside of the park property. When we ran the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in May we found the second half of the race course to be less than entertaining. That was definitely not the case at Star Wars Half! The second half of the course actually ended up being the best part of the race! There were so many spectators cheering on the course and there were two cosplay groups out in some of the most amazing costumes. We all took the opportunity to take as many pictures as possible with the cosplayers out on the course. The cosplayers gave us the boost of energy we needed to finish the race!

All 3 of us made it across the finish line and earned the gorgeous spinner medal! We all agreed that Star Wars Light Side Half is our new favorite race course!

After the race, we headed to the parks wearing some new accessories I made for the weekend. We had some Star Wars themed ears and vintage Disney movie poster inspired tote bags. The parks were pretty crowded due to the holiday weekend, but we still managed to take a trip back to ride It’s a Small World Holiday. That attraction was completely worth braving the crowds in the park!

This was a quick trip for us. We headed back to normal life on the Monday after the race. We were sad to leave the Star Wars fun so quickly, but we know we will be back to the magic next month at Princess Half.

That’s all the race highlights for now! Did you go to Star Wars Half? If so, let us know your favorite part of the weekend!


The Most Magical Moments of 2016

Happy Holidays, team tutu! It’s been a great 2016 filled with tutu fun and running. We thought we would take a quick break from the holiday eating (and attempts to keep up our race training) to review our favorite memories from 2016.

Christine’s top 5 moments:

  • Running the Disney Princess Half Marathon dressed as Mary Poppins and getting to take this awesome picture with Ms. Practically Perfect in Every Way. 
  • These epic pickle hats Melanie and I made for the Mansfield Pickle Run.
  • That time our runDisney virtual shorts antics were featured on the runDisney Facebook page and earned us Raw Threads fan of the month!
  • Running Ohana style at the Wine and Dine 10k.
  •  Finally finishing the Tinker Bell Half Marathon! This moment sits at number one because I experienced several health setbacks in 2015 that left me unable to finish the Tink Half. I felt like 2015 had a dark curse and I wondered if I’d ever be “normal” Christine again. Thanks to the support of my family, I started feeling better and I decided that I would use the moment I crossed the finish line at Tink half as a fresh start. Crossing that finish line made me feel like I could do anything. For my fellow Once Upon a Time fans… here is the moment I “broke the curse:”

 Melanie’s top 5 moments:

  • Meeting Spiderman in Disneyland. No further comment needed. =)
  • Achieving the ultimate tutu poof when I made this live action Fairy Godmother costume for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon. It was so poofy that I even had an extra-large shadow.
  • My Agent Carter castle pic. Although finishing has always been most important to me, not my pace, I set a goal this year to feel stronger and increase my pace. I worked out really hard over the past year and a half and because of that, I was able to get to Cinderella Castle earlier than I usually do at the Princess Half. I was so surprised to see a less crowded Castle picture! This is when I realized I worked hard and achieved my goal.
  • When all three of us got to run in the same corral for the Disneyland 10K and we met Max Goof! Thanks to my hard work at Princess Half, I finally had a proof of time that let me run with my sisters. It was so magical!
  • The moment my Wine & Dine half Marathon costume was featured on the runDisney website. This moment made me so happy because I have definitely spent years perfecting my costume making and race pic posing!

Amanda’s top 5 moments:

  • Riding the brand new Frozen ride during the Wine & Dine Half Marathon after party. We waited until a little later in the evening and since the crowds were starting to disperse, we only waited 20 minutes! The ride was so magical that I started crying when I saw Elsa in her ice palace.
  • Meeting Darkwing Duck at the Wine & Dine Half Marathon. This race was a tough race for us but it was 100% worth it to get this amazing picture with some of our favorite classic Disney characters! It was like re-living our childhood days all over again.
  • When my boyfriend came to the Wine & Dine 10K and took the “dine” part very seriously. High five to the Photopass photographer who snapped this epic action shot.
  • That moment I got a Disney Premier Annual Pass. I took a leap of faith and relocated across the country this year for work. One of the best perks of my new job is that I live within driving distance of Disneyland. Nothing beats a stroll down Main Street after a long day’s work.
  • When my sisters surprised me by registering for the Disneyland 10K on 2 weeks’ notice! I had just relocated from DC to California and it made me so happy to have my sisters come to my new house and get a chance to run together in Disneyland.

There were so many fun moments this year, but the best part of the year has to be all of the friends we’ve made! We all agree that the ultimate magic award of the year goes to all our team tutu friends who ran with us and shared their inspirational tutu pics with us! Thank you for inspiring us daily! Here is a collage with a few of the tutu moments from 2016.

That’s all for this year, team tutu. Let’s raise our glasses (of Gatorade?) to a tutu-rific 2016! Cheers!


2016 Wine & Dine Half Marathon Race Recap

Wine & Dine Half Marathon Recap

Hello Team Tutu! A few days ago we wrote a recap of the Wine & Dine 10K and how much fun we had running with our Dad. Melanie, Christine and I completed Lumiere’s Two Course Challenge, which included both the 10K and the Half Marathon, so here’s a recap of our experience at the 2016 Wine & Dine Half Marathon!

The Race:

First of all, the start was not delayed by inclement weather, so it was already on track to be better than last year! This year, we decided to coordinate our costumes and stick with the Beauty and the Beast theme in honor of Lumiere’s new Two Course Challenge. Melanie dressed as Cogsworth, I went as Babette the feather duster, and Christine dressed as Mrs. Potts.




The race started at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and we had a great time dancing at the pre-race party! We really lucked out with the weather this year. It was a little chilly waiting for the race to start, but it felt great when we started running. I always pack a few mylar blankets with me so I can stay warm on chilly race day mornings. You can buy a whole pack of them on Amazon for pretty cheap.


The first few miles of the race were on Osceola Parkway, then we entered Animal Kingdom for a couple magical miles around the Tree of Life and Expedition Everest. We were really excited to run through Animal Kingdom since that section of the course was removed last year after the rain delay. We made a quick stop to say hello to Baloo, then carried on our way until we ran into Chip and Dale.




We were having a great time, but we had no idea what was in store for us as we continued on down the course. We turned a corner and found DARKWING DUCK and LAUNCHPAD. It was a flashback to our childhood and a much appreciated tribute to the cartoons of the 1990s. To top it off, the speakers were playing a continuous loop of the Darkwing Duck and Duck Tales theme songs. Here is a picture of that magical moment in all its glory.


Miles 9 through 11 got a little rough. The sun was out, the temperature had drastically increased and we ran up several freeway ramps. The last couple miles of the course took us through Epcot, and luckily we had a big group of spectators there to cheer us on as we entered the park! We took a quick trip around Spaceship Earth (aka the Epcot ball) and then raced on to the finish line to earn our medals!

img_0194 img_0196









Post-Race Party

Up until this year, the Wine & Dine Half Marathon had always started around 10PM. It was a night race that ended in Epcot for a post-race party. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the change to a morning race, but I ended up loving it. Usually I finish the half marathon after midnight. I’m exhausted and I want to chug water instead of wine. This year, we got to head back to the hotel, take an extra long nap, shower, eat a bunch of food THEN head to the post-race party in the evening. I was completely ready to party and drink wine, and we stayed at the park until almost 2AM. Best of all, we rocked the party in matching leggings from Oh Sew Magical!


Magical Cheers leggings from Oh Sew Magical!



There were definitely a few kinks with the new event schedule. Runners were allowed to enter Epcot for the post-race party beginning at 8PM. Once entering the park, everyone with a post-race party ticket had to stop at one of three locations to pick up a wrist band. The lines to get a wristband were insanely long. Once we picked up our wristbands, we realized that even though runners could enter the park at 8PM, the park didn’t close to the public until later. Around 9PM, the park shut down for an hour as the general public left the park. The rides were closed and every food cart was closed. We couldn’t even find a place to buy a bottle of water. It was very awkward waiting an hour for the park to open back up.

At exactly 10:00PM, the World Showcase lit up, music started playing and all the food carts opened up. Most people had been waiting an hour to buy food, so the food lines were long and the World Showcase was packed. We found a nice quiet spot in the Italy pavilion and waited for the crowds to die down. At around 11:30PM the park started to empty out. We only waited 15 minutes to ride the brand new Frozen ride (by the way that ride is life changing), and we could finally stuff our faces with delicious dishes from the International Food & Wine Festival.

We ended up having an amazing time at the post-race party and we even met up with a few Instagram friends. If the race is organized the same next year, I highly recommended arriving to the post-race party a little late. It’s a much better experience later in the night when the big crowds start to disperse.

That’s it for our recap of the 2016 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend! Congrats to all who participated. We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below and we look forward to meeting more friends at future runDisney races. Next year you can find us at the Star Wars Light Side, Star Wars Dark Side, Tinker Bell, Princess and the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend.




Inaugural Wine & Dine 10K Race Recap

Wine & Dine 10K RecapThe Runs in Tutus team has just returned from the Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend in Disney World, and we can’t wait to share some of the highlights with you! This race weekend was extra special for us (we might say that after every race, but I really mean it this time!) We got to experience the brand new Wine & Dine 10K and Lumiere’s Two Course Challenge. More importantly though, our Mom and Dad joined in on the trip and we got to run the entire Inaugural Wine & Dine 10K with our Dad. We all decided to stick together for the full 6.2 miles regardless of our varying paces. We called it running the race “Ohana style.”  Melanie, Christine and I also completed Lumiere’s Two Course Challenge which included both the Wine & Dine 10K and the Wine & Dine Half Marathon, but we’ll save that recap for another post.

On Friday, we all visited the runDisney Health & Fitness Expo together. Melanie, Christine and I participated in the usual silly photo ops, but they were even more fun this year with our Mom, Dad and my boyfriend Robert there to join in on the fun.



As usual, the runDisney Expo was filled with all of our favorite vendors, and the merch was irresistible. Unfortunately, a lot of the official runDisney merch was taken off the shelves due to a typo in the word inaugural. We weren’t able to buy some of our favorite items like the Wine & Dine Tervis, but we still walked away with plenty of fun keepsakes. I especially loved the shirts at the New Balance booth and bought the running for adventure t-shirt and a cute sweater with the castle on it that says “home.”


After the Expo, we spent a little bit of time at the parks then got plenty of rest before the 10K! We stayed at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort and had no problem catching a bus to the race in the morning. This has become our favorite Disney hotel for race weekends. We’ve tried a lot of different resorts, and the best race transportation has always been at Port Orleans French Quarter.

Since we were running the race Ohana style this year, we coordinated our race costumes for the 10K so that we felt like a team! We decided to go with classic Disney characters in their finest culinary attire.img_0049

Chef Daisy Running Costume

Christine as Chef Daisy

Chef Donald Running Costume

Melanie as Chef Donald

Chef Mickey Running Costume

Dad as Chef Mickey


Chef Minnie Running Costume

Amanda as Chef Minnie

The course started in the Epcot parking lot where we gathered in our corrals and waited for the fireworks at the start line. We were excited to meet some of our Instagram friends in the staging area! Since the race was Ratatouille themed, Remy was on stage with the race commentators to help send us off. The first three miles were mainly on the highway, but we loved checking out all the amazing costumes on the course. They get more impressive every year! Right before mile 4, we entered my favorite part of the course – the Epcot World Showcase. Almost every country had a photo op and there were a few rare character appearances like Pinocchio and Geppetto in Italy.

After leaving the World Showcase, we entered the Disney Boardwalk area for a beautiful run around Crescent Lake. There was actually a coffee shop open so my boyfriend Robert stopped for coffee and a muffin. I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re concerned about your time, but I guess it’s a helpful tip for anyone who gets sleepy on the course! We thought it was funny that the race photographer took a picture of him with the coffee.


Robert takes a coffee break. Note: I tried very hard to convince him to dress up as Chef Goofy but he chose this outfit instead.


Enjoying the Disney Boardwalk


Aimg_0144fter we made our way around the Boardwalk, we entered Epcot one more time for a jog around Spaceship Earth and then crossed the finish line at the Epcot parking lot. It was so special crossing the finish line with my family, and we were so happy to have our Dad right there with us. All in all, the Inaugural Wine & Dine 10K was a fun event. The course was entertaining, the runners were friendly, and it was fairly well organized considering it was an inaugural race. For us, runDisney races are about being with family, feeling good and accomplishing something together, and this race was the perfect place to do that.


Finish Line


Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Wine & Dine 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and/or Lumiere’s Two Course Challenge! We’ll be posting a recap of the Half Marathon very soon, and we’re looking forward to running the Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon in January!


Free Printable Wine Inspired Stickers

Wine StickersWe just got back from an extra magical weekend at the runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon!  The best part of the weekend was getting to meet so many of our team tutu friends in real life. We are working on a complete race recap, but in the meantime we wanted to share some free printable stickers to commemorate the Wine and Dine fun! The set includes a sticker for the 5K, 10k, 13.1, and 19.3 distances. There are also blank stickers so you can write in a milestone of your choice.

Be our guest and download the file for free! Click here to download stickers

Directions for making stickers:

  1. Print the file on white cardstock or sticker paper
  2. Cut out the stickers
  3. If you print the stickers on cardstock, use glue dots, tape, or adhesive of your choice on the back of the stickers
  4. Put the stickers in your planner or training log to reward yourself for a job well done!


Congrats to all who ran last weekend!


runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series Recap

2016-10-04_11-04-09_000Happy fall, Team Tutu!   We are currently training and preparing for our next trip to Disney World in November for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  We love fall races, but logging the training miles in the heat of summer can be a challenge!  We signed up for the first ever runDisney Virtual Running shorts series to help keep us motivated to keep our training up over the summer.  This was a three part series of virtual 5ks with a Mickey Mouse theme (Red Pants 5k, Yellow Shoe 5k, and White Glove 5k). The races could be done as an individual event or as a challenge that required registration for all three races. We elected to complete the Virtual Running Shorts Challenge because it included a bonus medal and a runDisney tumbler. We can’t resist an up-sell on Disney merch and medals!

Here is our experience completing the Virtual Running Shorts events:

Registration:  Race registration for the challenge was a breeze. We registered the day the event was announced and the process was very similar to other runDisney events. The time window to complete each event was clearly printed on the registration information, and it was clearly communicated that no proof of finish would be required to receive medals. Other than that, there wasn’t a lot of information from runDisney following registration. We had to do a bit of searching to find details on where to find printable race bibs, and when to expect the medals to be mailed. We learned it is important to follow runDisney on all forms of social media, and to follow the individual pages for each race. The race included a free printable bib, and bib download information was initially released on the event page for the races on Facebook.  The race bibs were adorable, so we were really happy we figured out how to download and print them.


Pre-race fun:  We had never done a virtual race series like this before, so we decided to make the event as fun as possible. We selected a day to run each of the events, and wend to our Instagram, Twitter, and blog to recruit as many friends as possible to run virtually with us. It was so much fun to feel like we had a team of tutu friends running with us for each of the 5ks! We had over 100 friends run with us!



Yellow Shoe 5k:

Amanda’s experience:  Amanda ran the Yellow Shoe 5k in Washington, DC and took a tour of the monuments. She had so much fun pretending she was running through the castle in Disneyland!


Melanie’s experience: Melanie ran the Yellow Shoe 5k in Austin, TX. To make the event a little more magical, she made an adorable shirt inspired by the logo we made for our free printable stickers. The magical shirt made bearing the Texas heat much easier!2016-10-04_10-35-24_000

Christine’s experience: Christine ran the Yellow Shoe 5k with her good friend Ashlea. It was Ashlea’s first runDisney event, and her first ever 5k! Ashlea’s daughter joined in on the fun, too! They dressed in tutus, and Mickey themed shirts. They even made mile markers and a finish line to help make the race extra magical. In a moment of ultimate magic, Christine’s yellow shoe 5k picture was selected as the runDisney fan of the week pic!!!! It was truly an awesome first race for Ashlea and her daughter!2016-07-04_003121000_f9bcb_ios


Red Pants 5k:

Amanda’s experience: Amanda completed this event with a little help from her adorable doggies!  They strolled through the streets of DC for an extra magical family 5k!

Melanie and Christine’s experience: Melanie came to Fort Worth and joined Christine and her friends for the Red Pants 5k. They elected to dress in Alice in Wonderland themed attire from Raw Threads because the new Alice in Wonderland movie had just been released. They made mile markers and used the same finish line from the first race. In yet another ultimate magic moment, Christine and Melanie’s Red Pants 5k picture was selected as the Raw Threads fan of the month picture!!2016-07-04_014132000_2008a_ios


White glove 5k:

Amanda’s experience: Amanda finished up the virtual race series with one last run through DC with friends before she moved to Dana Point, CA!  She was sad to say goodbye to her friends, but she is super excited that she now lives 35 miles from Disneyland!!

Melanie’s experience: Melanie got hit with some oppressive temps and rain in Austin, so she took her white glove 5k to the treadmill. Melanie managed to make the treadmill look extra magical by rocking her race bib and listening to some Disney tunes.

Christine’s experience: Christine ran the last race with her friend Ashlea, Ashlea’s daughter, and her friend Leslie.  They went with a princess theme because they were all hyped up about princess half registration. Thankfully, they had just enough red streamers left to take some epic finish line pics!


Medals: It took exactly 30 days from the end of the race series for the medals and tumbler to arrive. It seemed like a long wait, but it was definitely WORTH IT!  runDisney did not mess around with these medals. They are HUGE (as in bigger than nearly every runDisney medal we own).  The tumbler is hand wash only, but very adorable. It is Tervis style, but is not a Tervis brand. It isn’t as durable as some of the Tervis tumblers we own. Melanie’s tumbler arrived with cracks in the bottom, but after a quick email to runDisney, they sent out a replacement tumbler. We thought it was a nice touch to include the tumbler with the challenge race. Especially considering how hard it is to grab a tumbler during a traditional runDisney race expo.


Overall, we had a great experience doing the virtual races and would definitely do them again. It was a great way to stay motivated to train over the summer months.  A special thank you to all our team tutu friends who joined us virtually for the 5k events. It was so much fun to see all your pictures and to share this fun experience with people who love running and Disney as much as we do. It looks like runDisney is planning to continue the virtual races in 2017. 2017 Virtual Shorts information  is up on their website with some hints that there could be a new theme to the medals next year! Perhaps Pluto??

Next up for us: Lumiere’s 2 Course Challenge! We hope to see some of you in real life at the race!


That’s all for now , friends!



2016 Disneyland 10k Race Recap

2016-09-21_222618000_d9197_iosHello, team tutu! We are so excited to share a recap of our trip to the Disneyland 10k!  In a series of very magical events, all three of us were able to snag a bib for this sold out race! It was a last minute opportunity that we still can’t believe happened! Here’s how it went down…. In late July, Runs in Tutus little sister Amanda accepted a new job and relocated from DC to California. The minute Amanda arrived to Cali, she got an annual pass and decided to sign up for the Disneyland 10k. We are Raw Threads Club members so she was able get a bib from Team Raw Threads well after the race sold out.

Melanie and I initially decided not to join Amanda for the Disneyland 10k (because adulting), but as the race day drew closer, our will power diminished. We couldn’t resist the urge to see Amanda’s new home and run the 10k with her!  About two weeks before the race, Melanie and I hopped online, purchased 10k bibs from Raw Threads, and booked last minute plane tickets to Cali!

After the pixie dust settled from our last minute booking, we quickly got to work on our costumes and packed for the race!

Here is our summary of the race weekend:

Expo: Amanda headed to the Expo on Thursday by herself because she had to work on the Friday before the race. She had the opportunity to see the expo right when it opened.  Her first stop was to the Raw Threads booth to check in (she was literally the first club member to check in!). Club members who sign up for a race with Raw Threads receive a swag bag and a commemorative race patch! This was our first race with Raw Threads so we were pretty excited to receive our swag and to meet up with other club members.  We can’t wait to collect the rest of our race patches for Light Side Half, Dark Side Half, and Princess Half races!


Amanda picking up her race swag at the Raw Threads booth!

Packet pickup and expo browsing was an overall pleasant experience for Amanda.  She tried to get a look at the official race merch, but as usual that area of the expo was pretty crowded and Black Friday-like. She decided to skip out on race merch and enjoy other aspects of the expo. The race signage and theme was adorable. Especially the Aladdin and Genie logo on the race shirt and bib.


Melanie and I went to the expo on Friday afternoon. When we arrived to packet pickup, we had a short moment of panic. Melanie discovered that she was placed in the last corral despite submitting a proof of time at the time of her registration. While we have no problems being in the last corral, we prefer to be a little further up in the corrals so that we have enough time to stop and take all the pictures for our blog and Instagram (priorities). Also, Melanie has really been working hard over the past couple of years on her pace, and she wanted to be able to run at the pace she had been training.  Melanie let the volunteer at bib pickup know she was placed in the incorrect corral and he redirected her to the runner relations booth. She was told that corral changed rarely happen, and that there may be nothing that could be done about her corral placement at this point.   We headed over to the runner relations booth and anxiously waited in line. The volunteer at runner relations was very friendly and quickly looked up Melanie’s race registration to see what was going on with her corral.  Thankfully, the volunteer was able to see that Melanie did submit a proof of time, and she got moved from corral G to corral C. We literally squealed with excitement when the volunteer placed the corral C sticker on Melanie’s bib. The best part about this corral change was that it meant that all 3 of us would be able to run the race together for the first time in the same corral!

After sorting out the corral placement issue, Melanie and I headed to the expo to play. We took our time shopping around the expo and had a blast. We made this super fin GIF at the Cigna booth!



Race Day: We were so excited about our last minute tutus for this race. We decided to dress as our favorite park attractions. Amanda dressed as the Mad Tea Party, Melanie dressed as the Mickey Fun Wheel, and I dressed as It’s a Small World.

Here is a look at our race costumes:




Our journey to the start line was pretty rushed. We stayed at a hotel near Downtown Disney that was close enough for us to walk to the race on race morning, and dramatically underestimated how long it would take us to walk over to the start. We left a little later than we should have. We ended up having to do a quick warm up jog to get to our corral just as the wheelchair start was happening. Lesson learned. We walk slower at 3:45 in the morning.

Once we arrived to our corral and caught our breath it was all smooth sailing from there. This was our first time to run this race and we enjoyed every minute of the course.  A lot of the course is in the parks so it really made every moment of the race extra magical. We also LOVED the rare character stops along the way.  We saw Pinocchio and Geppetto, the Incredibles, and our personal favorite MAX GOOF!

Here are a few pics from the course and the moment we got to meet Max!



We also got the opportunity to meet some of our Instagram friends in real life. We always enjoy meeting new friends and old friends at runDisney events.

The final highlight of the race for us was the moment that we got to cross the finish line together as sisters. This was the first time that all 3 of us ran together for the entire race, and it was so much fun!  We also loved the medal with Aladdin and Genie!




Post-race and park time: After the race we walked back to our hotel. We had a little bit of trouble navigating through the crowd of people post-race in Downtown Disney. We didn’t really have a way to exit the race without going through the bag check line. This happened to us at Tink Half and we were hoping runDisney had sorted the exit issues out. In the future we will avoid walking through Downtown Disney towards the parks after a Disneyland Race.  Amanda had to head to work right after the race, but Melanie and I stuck around for a little while to enjoy the last few moments of the Diamond Celebration.  Here are a few of our favorite things from our time in the park.




Overall, we had a great experience at this race and would definitely do it again!  Up next for us is the Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend in Disneyworld in November. We can’t wait to run the inaugural Lumiere’s Two Course Challenge. Hope to see you there! Amanda will also be making a stop at Mickey’s Halloween Party in Disneyland so keep an eye out for some spooktacular highlights!